Neue Westfälische, Michael Beughold

« Crystal and sparkling harp sounds enchant the audience.

The harpist Lydie Römisch presented a captivating program and participated in the main work A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Brittens.

Lydie Römisch brilliantly and sensibly relayed baroque music to modern music.

Two sonatas by Scarlatti (K. 213 and 224) were also very well emphasized on her instrument, when it eloquently transcended the character of study of Andante in D minor and elegantly nuanced virtuoso and beaded abundance by an appropriate sound.

Her interpretation of Bamyan (2002) by Philippe Hersant, a magical piece whose harmonious pattern with cymbalum-like tones, colored with middle-eastern shades and enlarged by Impressionist influences, was from a technical point of view as well as from the musical expression of high class.

During the solo interlude between This little Babe and In Freezing Winter Night (certainly difficult to sing), the crystalline and sparkling sounds of the harp enchanted the grateful audience. »

Neue Westfällische, Michael Beughold

« The harpist Lydie Römisch showed her know-how with three different charts. Subtle, precise and pearled sounds in Benjamin Brittens' A Ceremony of Carols (as well as the entrance and exit of the chorus) continued in The Source of Alphonse Hasselmans, a brilliant refreshing romantic, before she put a Bright shine and virtuoso on Carlos Salzedo's Song of the Night with sparkling Impressionist sounds and a brilliantly compelling game technique. Thanks to the combination of the choir and the harp, Angel's Carol, the best-selling British church musician John Rutter, spread very pleasantly and easily to the ears as well as to the audience. There were very enthusiastic and long applause in the end. »